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Dynamic Sales Experience

Through over 15 years in the Ecommerce space, we have found many times where it is time to go Nuclear with Sales Efforts for specific products.

We have created a scenario that can allow companies to take large stocks of inventory or even specific products and blow them out into the marketplace with such force that makes all of the dials go wild.  Lights dim and dollars flow as we push products forward with great intensity.

Expanded Channel Enablement

This solves the age-old issue of “Channel Conflicts” for retail manufacturers in the Ecommerce space. Most manufacturers are unable to sell below list price online due to agreements with wholesale clients and the concern for price erosion.

This solution allows you to sell on high profile markets like Amazon, eBay, and even Alibaba (companies that represent 52% of global online sales) in a way that causes zero channel conflict, zero price or brand erosion, and zero additional IT development or overhead expenses.

Commerce on Demand is uniquely positioned to be able to provide seamless technology solutions to allow this market expansion.  With this in place, Ecommerce managers can literally turn the dial to turn-up or turn-down sales based upon inventory availability, market conditions, and/or upcoming reporting periods.


Geographical Market Expansion

We have found that many companies rely upon international distributors to sell their products in non-domestic markets.  This often causes lack of adequate inventory, size/color selections, and slow delivery times.

One of our clients showed 8 weeks for delivery of a shoe with only 20% of sizes even available.

Through our expanded channels and shipping abilities, our client's can have products offered with high availability, reasonable pricing, and multiple shipping options.  

These options allow exponential increases in market penetration and coverage causing higher sales volume and more satisfied customer experiences.

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