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Many people in the industry that have worked with founder, Tony Schwartz will recognize this picture.  This was taken a few years back at a Tony Robbins event where our Tony had the opportunity to meet his hero, Mr. Robbins.  This image has been used as his icon in countless Slack, Facebook, and other profiles.

At this event he repeated a common quote of his:


Tony Schwartz with Tony Robbins (right)


It was at that moment that our Tony realized that through the years of preparation, hard work, errors, and victories that the work he had done prior had prepared him for this time.  He realized that not only was he ready but also that the ecommerce industry and the status of consulting in the SalesForce ecosystem was fully prepared for the launch of his official consulting practice.

Originally and until recently the company was called 200 Markets, LLC.  This was a throwback to a Demandware add-on that he built that would allow companies to immediately sell into 200 different Global Markets with very little effort.  This was very similar to BorderFree.

As the practice developed, Tony worked with many incredible clients like: ASICS, UrbanStems, Yeti Coolers, and more.  During this time he built out a team of mainly offshore SFCC Certified developers.  Unlike traditional offshore teams, Tony found some key developers to lead his effort and established them as offshore managers who shared in the profits and also the responsibility.   This "accidentally developed" business model resulted in great loyalty, great friendships, and amazing efficiency.

Over time, developers were added to the "bench" that would expand the company's abilities into SalesForce Classic, SalesForce Service Cloud, SalesForce Marketing Cloud, and even deeper knowledge of SalesForce Commerce Cloud.

At this point in time, the team has over ten consultants that work on various client projects.  While the big international firms are merging with systems integrators, clients are often finding themselves paying extremely high rates for second tier support teams.  They must pay huge overhead expenses for management, oversight, and at the end of the day, they find little progress on their projects.

Many clients have turned to our lean and mean approach.  A common phrase within the company is: "We eat what we kill".  This points out that we don't get paid like other consultants for large overhead activities.  We structure our client relationships in a way that they get value for every dollar billed from our firm.

If you have a new Implementation, a need for support, a quick fix, or even a need for someone to provide oversight of other integration projects, Commerce On Demand is ready to provide assistance.

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